Friday, August 9, 2013

Bouquet: Summer's Last Hurrah?

Most of the flowers left in my garden at this stage of summer are small, short-stemmed varieties that don't make particularly good bouquets.  The exception is a group of 3 lilies in my backyard border.  Standing alone at attention at the back of the border, they look a little stiff and formal.

Photo taken at the end of July as blooms were starting to open

I planted these lilies my first year here.  I didn't make note of the variety but they look a lot like 'Stargazer'.  I cut one stalk to make a bouquet this week as my contribution to Erin's Garden Appreciation Society post on her blog, The Impatient Gardener.  To fill out the bouquet, I added a late-blooming stem of white Agapanthus, the last one left in my garden.  For fillers I used Cuphea ignea 'Starfire Pink', which is never in short supply, and Tanacetum parthenium (aka feverfew).

The lilies' petals are somewhat blemished but the scent makes up for that minor flow.  I think the flowers go well with the vase, which was a gift from my mother from her one and only trip to her parents' home country, Finland.  (She also brought me back the phone number of a FinnAir pilot she met on her flight home despite the fact that I, at the time, was recently wed to my husband and partner of many years, but that's another story...)

You can see more bouquets prepared from other gardeners' blooming flowers on Erin's webpage.


  1. Hi Erin: Your bouquet is beautiful. I have all but given up on lilies due to the red lily leaf beetle which decimates them. I do have much feverfew and it makes a wonderful filler in both bouquets and gardens. I do hope your corn was delicious!

  2. Nice work! This one's a winner! My back flowerbed is all dormant right now, too, which was not exactly how I had planned it. I think I need to add some coneflowers or something that will bloom until frost! In the meantime, it looks pretty sad back there.