Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garden Party

These guys brought the garden party with them.  Apparently, they don't like to bathe alone.  As soon as one or two landed to take a dunk in the fountain, the rest of the flock followed.

I had to take my pictures from inside the house in this case and, even then, they flew away as soon as I got too close to the window.  But, as soon as I moved away, back they came.

My mother-in-law identified them for me: they're Cedar Waxwings.


  1. What a happy little garden party! Birds never come to our birdbath. But I should take pictures of what I call "crow convention." It's like something out of a horror movie. Flocks of crows congregating in the backyard, swooping at you, shoving garbage in the gutters... It's quite the event and it happens every year.

    1. A crow convention! It sounds like something Alfred Hitchcock would have loved. Maybe the pictures would make a good Halloween post...