Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If your bathtub is the ocean...

Then you need a really big rubber duck.  The world's largest rubber duck sailed into the Port of Los Angeles this morning.  Created by a Dutch artist, he's the mascot and one of the main attractions of the Tall Ships Festival that kicked off this afternoon in San Pedro.  Although I was watching out for him this morning, I missed his early arrival and he was kept in hiding until noon, when I saw him heading out toward the Angel's Gate lighthouse to meet the incoming tall ships and lead their parade into the harbor.  I have no idea how you hide a bright yellow rubber duck 6 stories tall, 110 feet long, and 85 feet wide but festival organizers managed to keep him out of the view of my binoculars, as well as out of sight of harbor visitors.

The duck appeared, heading toward Angel's Gate, just before noon (PDT)

The duck turns to lead the tall ships assembled just outside the harbor's gate

We counted 6 tall ships in the harbor this afternoon - a total of 12 are scheduled to participate in the festival

Two of the tall ships are shown here moving through the canal beyond the duck

The most visible of the tall ships had red sails, visible just behind the duck in this photo

The pictures shown above were taken from our backyard, about 2 miles from the harbor, using my point and click camera.  The duck and the ships were easier to view using binoculars then through my camera's view-finder but, without the bright yellow duck to orient me, I'm not sure if I could have pinpointed the tall ships as they progressed through the harbor.

The Tall Ships Festival in Los Angeles continues through Sunday.

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  1. That is so cool! the heck did they hide the duck???

    1. Unless...D'oh!..maybe they just deflated him?

    2. That's possible. My husband read that it takes almost 3 hours to inflate him. If it takes a similar amount of time to deflate him, it seems that would have pushed the schedule on his parade visit. One article posted on-line also said that a man and his son discovered the duck's hiding spot but they didn't reveal its location. No duck sighting yet this morning.

  2. Wow how fun! And even better that you get to watch it and take those photos from your own yard :)

  3. Quack quack! I just knew as soon as I read your title I was going to be soooooo jealous.
    What an amazing outlook you have. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Fun! But I'd hate to drop my soap in that tub... ;o) Sending out your bulbs sometime next month. :o)

  5. Great fun! And what amazing views you have from your garden.

  6. What fun, thank you for sharing this, it must have been an amazing sight!


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