Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More men in trees

During my early morning spin on our exercise bike, I heard voices nearby and noticed men climbing the pine trees next door.  By the time I finished my bike routine and grabbed my camera, the team was halfway done trimming 2 of the trees.

These particular neighbors get their pines thinned at least twice a year - whether this is done for their own reasons or in response to "view conservation" requests from other neighbors, I don't know.  Unlike the men who took down our Eucalyptus last week, members of this crew liked to sing as they worked.  Unfortunately, I've lost most of the Spanish I learned in high school so I was unable to follow the lyrics - I can only say that it didn't involve finding the local biblioteca.

I don't feel the pines block my view.  Instead, I see them as part of the view.  However, when I scanned the horizon, I did notice that I have a good line of sight to the bridge leading to Long Beach.

The view toward the mountains was still obscured, not by trees, but by smog.  I could just barely see the cap of snow on the mountains.  With the haze, the mountains themselves aren't even visible in this picture.  (You'll have to trust me - they're there.)

Nonetheless, Angel's Gate, the entrance to the harbor, is visible from the right side of the yard, even with the smog, and that's a comfort.


  1. Your view is gorgeous! I've been reading through your old posts, and your garden is so nice... Your weather is what my garden dreams of!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Renee! The garden is still a work in progress but then, what garden isn't?