Monday, May 19, 2014

In a Vase on Monday: Agapanthus takes the lead

Blooming Agapanthus dominate my garden at the moment, both in sheer numbers and in the perfection of their flowers.  These plants came through our two May heatwaves completely unscathed, which cannot be said for the majority of plants in my garden.  They were the obvious selection to go "In a Vase on Monday" as my contribution to the weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

I inherited dozens of clumps of Agapanthus (presumably A. praecox orientalis) with the house.  The majority are a medium blue but some are light blue and there are a few white ones.  I picked 2 stalks of the medium blue variety and one pale blue.  I accented these with a few stems of Arthropodium cirratum (aka Renga Lily), which I used in my bouquet 2 weeks ago.  A good many of these flowers dried up in the heat and wind last week so I thought I'd best use them while I can.  Other accents included 2 varieties of Leucanthemum x superbum (aka Shasta Daisy), Tanacetum parthenium 'Aureum' (aka golden feverfew), and Phlomis fruticosa (aka Jerusalem Sage).

The blooms of the Phlomis peaked in mid-April.  There are only a few of these Dr. Seuss-like blooms left in the garden now.  I wanted a punch of yellow to complement the blue and white of the other flowers but I wasn't sure these fuzzy flowers would fit the bill; however, I liked the whimsy they added to the arrangement.

The Leucanthemum x superbum 'Snow Lady' shown with the Phlomis in the picture above have relatively short stems but I liked the way they complemented the Jerusalem Sage better than the taller, ruffled variety of Shasta Daisy I cut first.  The ruffled variety was relegated to the back of the arrangement with the golden feverfew.

The arrangement sits on the dining room table, where I enjoyed it while eating breakfast.

If you have a bouquet from your garden you're enjoying this Monday, post a picture on your blog and link in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  You can find her composition here, along with links to other contributing gardeners.


  1. A very summery vase Kris. It will be ages before my Agapanthus flower and mine aren't prolific enough to pick although I really like them as cut flowers. Your Phlomis looks a much warmer yelloe than mine, which did flower at the same time as yours. So very interesting the timing of flowering for different plants.

  2. This makes a cheerful arrangement for your dining table. I have not tried to grow Agapanthus but I always think it is so beautiful. susie

  3. Quite a muted combination but very nice just the same. Elegant even :)

  4. I struggle with agapanthus so it won't be appearing in a vase here, Kris! Although I don't like phlomis as a plant I do like the inclusion of the flowers in the vase and the yellow and blue is such a refreshing combination - as you say, it's lovely to have the vase where you can see it often. Thanks for your contribution again.

  5. I love your colour scheme of blue and white. I grow Agapanthus in pots so I can' t bear to cut it but it looks great in a vase. I used the same Phlomis in my vase this week and I think it is great for cutting. And another shot of your gorgeous Renga Lily! I am mad on it.

  6. I had to quickly look up Arthropodium cirratum, having never heard of it. It adds a nice touch to your bouquet. I also like the marbles on the bottom. Why don't I ever think to do that? Absolutely lovely.


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